Congratulations to the 2021-22 Doctoral Graduates

by M’Niyah Lynn

The RICC would like to congratulate the doctoral students, listed below, on their achievements and on graduating in the 2021-2022 academic year:

Agonafir, Candace (Civil Engineering), Advisor: Reza Khanbilvardi, “A Citizen-Science Approach for Urban Flood Risk Analysis Using Data Analytics and Machine Learning.”

Chan, Joyce (Biology), Advisor: Itzhak (Itzik) Mano, “Novel Strategies for Glutamate Clearance in the Glia-Deprived Synaptic Hub of C. Elegans.”

Chase, Jillian (Biochemistry), Advisor: David Jeruzalmi, “Structural and Biochemical Investigations of the Initiation of DNA Replication in Bacteriophage Lambda and Escherichia Coli.”

Chen, Xuequing (Biology), Advisor: Mark Emerson, “Investigation of Notch Signaling in Cone Fate Specification in Vertebrate Retina.”

Chi, Chun-Wei (Biomedical Engineering), Advisor: Sihong Wang, “Development of Microfluidic 3D Cell Array with Tumor-Stroma Interaction for Cancer Immunotherapy Drug Screening.”

Coffman, Abigail (Biomedical Engineering), Advisor: Mitchell Schaffler, “Restoration of Bone Material and Microstructural Properties After Long-Term Remodeling Suppression.”

D’Ambrose, Michael (Chemical Engineering), Advisors: Sanjoy Banerjee and Robert Messinger, “Understanding and Controlling Failure Mechanisms of the Zinc Anode for Rechargeable Alkaline Batteries.”

Darjani, Shaghayegh (Chemical Engineering), Advisors: Sanjoy Banerjee and Joel Koplik, “Adsorption Kinetics and Phase Behavior of Particles Adsorbed at an Interface.”

Daw, Damon (Physics), Advisor: Carlos Meriles, “Charge Transport and Spin Dynamics of Color Centers in Diamond.”

Efrat, Noia (Clinical Psychology), Advisor: Lissa Weinstein, “Making Sense of Pre-Symbolic Trauma: A Qualitative Study on the Lived Experiences of Adults Who Were Born Extremely Prematurely.”

Esmaeilpour, Zeinab (Biomedical Engineering), Advisor: Marom Bikson, “Novel Mechanisms of Direct Current (DC) and Kilohertz Electrical Stimulation.”

Glenn, Equisha (Civil Engineering), Advisor: Naresh Devineni, “On a New Framework for Detecting, Classifying, and Forecasting Floods for Large-scale Flood Risk Analysis.”

Gomez, Joan (Mechanical Engineering), Advisor: Yiannis Andreopoulos, “Transition to turbulence and relaminarization of pulsatile pipe flows.”

Gvozdieva, Kseniia (Clinical Psychology), Advisor: Sasha Rudenstine, “The Contribution of Adverse Childhood Experiences to The Interplay Between Insecure Attachment Characteristics, Trait Emotional Intelligence, Difficulties in Emotion Regulation, and Personality Organization.”

Haq-Siddiqi, Nada (Biomedical Engineering), Advisor: Steven Nicoll, “Development of an Injectable Methylcellulose Hydrogel System for Nucleus Pulposus Repair and Regeneration.”

Hernandez, Mariely (Clinical Psychology), Advisor: Sarah O’Neill, “Childhood ADHD, Impulsivity, and Alcohol-Related Impairment Among Diverse College Students.”

Jiang, Xiaohai (Mechanical Engineering), Advisor: Niell Elvin, “Investigations on Vortex-induced Vibration Phenomena of Single- and Double-cylinder Flexible Beam Arrangements of Energy Harvesters.”

Karlsberg Bennett, Jenna (Clinical Psychology), Advisor: Steven Tuber, “Barriers and Bridges to Intimacy: A Constellation of Same-Sex Female Couples’ Experiences, Struggles, and Strengths.”

Khatoniar, Mandeep (Physics), Advisor: Vinod Menon, “Linear and Non-Linear Properties of Two Dimensional Exciton-Polaritons.”

LaBua, Ravital (Clinical Psychology), Advisor: Paul Wachtel, “The Effect of Psilocybin on Personality.”

Leifer, Ian (Physics), Advisor: Hernán Makse, “Symmetry-inspired Analysis of Biological Networks.”

Lesi, Adeyinka (Chemical Engineering), Advisor: David Rumschitzki, “A New Mathematical Theory for the Dynamics of Large Tumor Populations, a Potential Mechanism for Cancer Dormancy & Recurrence and Experimental Observation of Melanoma Progression in Zebrafish.”

Li, Huihui (Civil Engineering), Advisor: Anil Agrawal, “Alternate Load Paths and Retrofits for Long-span Truss Bridges under Sudden Member Loss and Blast Loads.”

Li, Mengyao (Physics), Advisor: Alexander Khanikaev, “Topological Classical Wave Systems with Modulations, Interactions, and Higher-Order Topological States.”

Li, Shuaijun (Mechanical Engineering), Advisor: Jing Fan, “Microgel Flooding and Nanoparticles-Stabilized Foams in Enhanced Oil Recovery.”

Liu, Geng (Mechanical Engineering), Advisor: Taehun Lee, “The Diffuse Bounce Back Lattice Boltzmann Method and its Applications on the Study of Fluid-Particle Interactions.”

McCaw, Jaime (Clinical Psychology), Advisor: Margaret Rosario, “Discrimination, Psychological Well-Being, and Racial Importance in U.S. Native-Born and Caribbean Black America.”

McMaster, Antonia (Clinical Psychology), Advisor: Eric Fertuck, “The Relationship of Pathological Narcissism to Empathic Functioning.”

Melecio-Vazquez, David (Mechanical Engineering), Advisor: Jorge Gonzalez-Cruz, “On The Improvements of Boundary-Layer Representation For High-Resolution Weather Forecasting in Coastal-Urban Environments.”

Najafi, Ehsan (Civil Engineering), Advisors: Reza Khanbilvardi and Naresh Devineni, “Global Food Security Under Climate-Water-Energy Nexus.”

Narinesingh, Veeshan (Physics), Advisor: James Booth, “Connections Between Atmospheric Blocking, General Circulation, and Weather Extremes in a Hierarchy of Models and Various Climates.”

Rostami Azmand, Hojjat (Electrical Engineering), Advisor: Sang-Woo Seo, “Development of light actuated chemical delivery platform on a 2-D array of micropore structure.”

Schneider, Matthew (Clinical Psychology), Lissa Weinstein, “A Fallen Woman: The Use of Metaphor in Psychoanalysis.”

Sebastian, Dellamol (Chemistry), Advisor: Mahesh Lakshman, “Approach to Dual Base and Sugar Modification of Adenosine, Cross-Dehydrogenative Coupling Reactions of Quinazolinones, and a Novel Entry to Carbazolones and Indolones.”

Sharifi Golru, Samaneh (Chemistry), Advisor: Elizabeth Biddinger, “Designing the electrode geometry and electrolyte to enhance the product selectivity and activity in carbon dioxide electroreduction.”

Sukharenko, Vitaly (Electrical Engineering), Advisor: Roger Dorsinville, “Polarization Sensitive Imaging Techniques Using Quantum Entangled Qubits.”

Towey, Katherine (Earth and Environmental Sciences), Advisor: James Booth, “Understanding Coastal and Inland Hydrometeorological Hazards Produced by Extratropical and Tropical Cyclones Along the East Coast of the United States.”

Unal, Gozde (Biomedical Engineering), Advisor: Marom Bikson, “Computational Model of Electroconvulsive Therapy Considering Electric Field Dependent Skin Conductivity.”

Valle, Luisa (Art History), Advisor: Marta Gutman, “The Beehive, the Favela, the Castle, and the Ministry: Race and Modern Architecture in Rio de Janeiro, 1811 to 1945.”

Wang, Angela (Biomedical Engineering), Advisor: Luis Cardoso, “Exosome- and MicroRNA-based Therapeutic Approach for Tendinopathy.”

Xia, Yifan (Biomedical Engineering), Advisor: Bingmei Fu, “Modulation of Brain Tissue Transport and Endothelial Glycocalyx and Tight Junctions of the Blood-Brain Barrier by Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation.”

Zhang, Yaxin (Civil Engineering), Advisor: Alison Conway, “Analyzing Freight Congestion and Transportation Performance Measures Using the National Performance Management Research Data Set (NPMRDS).”

Zhang, Yingying (Physics), Advisor: Marilyn Gunner, “Monte Carlo, Molecular Dynamics and Network Analysis of The Gramicidin Water Channel and Proton Transfer Pathways to QB in Photosynthetic Reaction Centers.”

Congratulations again!


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