School of Education

by mcjonsey

The School of Education of The City College of New York prepares educators to support students of our diverse citizenry to meet the challenges of the 21st century and to be active participants in our democracy. To this end, we uphold and extend the college’s historic mission of access and excellence for “the children of the whole people” of the City of New York.

As teachers, scholars, and learners, we seek to

  • Educate teachers and leaders who are responsive to the needs of urban schools, who can use students’ diversity as a resource, and who can maximize learning for all;
  • Engage in scholarship that advances knowledge, informs policy, and improves practice so that all students have support and an opportunity to receive a quality education;
  • Join, encourage, advocate, teach, and learn in collaborative school and community improvement efforts locally, nationally, and internationally to help shape educational settings now and in the future.

Uniting our efforts is our commitment to education as a moral endeavor that can enhance the human condition, realize possibilities, and make the world a more just place.

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