Congratulations to the 2022-23 Doctoral Graduates

by Amanda Salazar

Congratulations to the 2022-2023 doctoral graduates on this momentous achievement. The graduates listed below were mentored by faculty at the City College of New York.

Abedi, Sara – Advisor: Sergey Vitkalov; Physics; “Electron Transport in Quantum Systems with Interaction”

Abouali, Meryem – Advisor: Tarek Saadawi; Electrical Engineering; “Blockchain Framework for Secured On-Demand Patient Health Records Sharing”

Agonafir, Candace – Advisor: Reza Khanbilvardi; Civil Engineering; “A Citizen Science Approach for Urban Flood Risk Analysis Using Data Analytics and Machine Learning”

Alper, Judy – Advisor: Lucas Parra; Biomedical Engineering; “Ultra-high field MRI methods for precise anatomical and spectroscopic measurements in the brain and application to neurological and neuropsychiatric diseases”

Anbari, Alimohammad – Advisor: Jing Fan; “Microfluidic Dual-Gel Cell Culture Model for Studying Cell Migration under Controlled Interstitial Flow”

Awadallah, Nora – Advisor: Gonzalo Torres; Molecular, Cellular and Biomed;“Role of the G protein betagamma subunits in serotonin transporter dynamics”

Bushati, Rezlind – Advisor: Vinod Menon; Physics; “Control of Nonlinear Optical Properties of van der Waals Materials​”

Cancelmo, Leo Marc – Advisor: Steven Tuber; Psychology; “The Impossible Situation?: Impasse as Psychotherapeutic Paralysis, Possibility, and Progress”

Chen, Kai – Advisor: Alexander Khanikaev; Electrical Engineering; “Topological Shadow of Higher-Order Topological Phases and Non-Hermitian Phases Protected by Generalized Rotational Symmetry”

Dong, Wenbin – Advisor: Hansong Tang; Civil Engineering; “Towards Simulation of Complex Ocean Flows: Analysis and Algorithm for Computation of Coupled Partial Differential Equations”

Esmaeilpour, Zeinab – Advisor: Marom Bikson; Biomedical Engineering; “Novel Mechanisms of DC and Kilohertz Electrical Stimulation”

Farahani, Forouzan –  Advisor: Lucas Parra; Biomedical Engineering; “TDCS Effects On Synaptic Plasticity And Motor Skill Learning”

Gaggi, Naomi – Advisor: Junghoon Kim; Molecular, Cellular and Biomed; “Cerebrovascular impairment as a potential target for neuromodulation therapy in moderate-severe traumatic brain injury​”

Gao, Nicholas – Advisor: David Jeruzalmi; Chemistry and Biochemistry; “Biochemical and biophysical characterization of replicative helicase loading by Vibrio cholerae DciA, Crystal structure of a monoclonal antibody bound to a C-terminal fragment of EBNA-1 from Epstein Barr Virus”

Gordon, Leo – Advisor: Robert Messinger; Chemical Engineering; “Molecular Elucidation Of Reaction Mechanisms In Aluminum and Lithium Metal Batteries By Solid-State NMR Spectroscopy And Electrochemical Methods”

Hajredini, Fatlum – Advisor: Ranajeet Ghose; Chemistry and Biochemistry; “Mechanism of Activation and Regulation of BY-Kinases, a Unique Family of P-Loop Enzymes”

Han, Yu – Advisor: Charles Maldarelli; Chemical Engineering; “Droplets in Electric Field: Surface Rheology, Coalescence and Rebound”

Hawkins, Brendan – Advisor: Sanjoy Banerjee; Chemical Engineering; “Understanding Failure Mechanisms using Multi-Scale Analyses to Improve the Performance of Zinc Metal and Lithium-ion Batteries”

Hirsch, Lukas – Advisor: Lucas Parra; Biomedical Engineering; “Deep learning tools for brain and breast MRI”

Huseynov, Huseyn – Advisor: Tarek Saadawi; Electrical Engineering; “Anomaly-based Intrusion Detection System through Virtual Machine Introspection”

Jiang, Xiaohai – Advisor: Yiannis Andreopoulos & Niell Elvin; Mechanical Engineering; “Investigations on VIV Phenomena of Single- and Double-cylinder Flexible Beam Arrangements of Energy Harvesters”

Kamaludeen, Mohamed – Advisor: Ahmed A. Mohamed; Electrical Engineering; “Battery Energy Storage Systems Applications and Deployment in Dense Urban Areas”

Khaniya, Umesh – Advisor: Marilyn Gunner; Physics; “Using Protonation Microstates and Hydrogen Bond Networks to Track Proton Transfer Pathways in Complex I”

Kiriushechkina, Svetlana – Advisor: Alexander Khanikaev; Electrical Engineering; “Topological photonic metasurfaces for light manipulation and strong light-matter interaction”

Kirkland, Omari – Advisor: John Lombardi and Steve O’Brien; Chemistry; “SERS for the Detection of Trace Materials”

Levy, Ido – Advisor: Maria Tamargo; Chemistry and Biochemistry; “Growth, Optimization, and Characterization of Topological Insulator Nanostructures by Molecular Beam Epitaxy​”

Li, Shuaijun – Advisor: Jing Fan & Charles Maldarelli; Mechanical Engineering & Chemical Engineering; “Fundamentals of microgel flooding and nanoparticles-stabilized foams in enhanced oil recovery” 

Liu, Zhi-Lun – Advisor: Xi Chen; Chemical Engineering; “Biomimetic water-responsive structures: From fundamental mechanisms to evaporation energy harvesting applications”

Malbranche, Nelya – Advisor: Jeffrey Morris; Chemical Engineering; “Shear Thickening in Dense Bidisperse Suspensions by Dynamic Simulations”

Martin, Jesse – Advisor: Steven Nicoll; Biomedical Engineering; “Development of Cellulose-Based, Semi-Interpenetrating Network Hydrogels as Tissue-Adhesive, Thermoresponsive, Injectable Implants”

May, Andrew – Advisor: Elizabeth Biddinger; Chemical Engineering; “Understanding the Kinetics and Mechanisms of the Desired and Undesired Reactions during Electrochemical Hydrogenation and Hydrogenolysis of Furfural on Copper in Acidic Media” 

Mekawy, Ahmed – Advisor: Andrea Alu; Electrical Engineering; “Wave engineering in time modulated, nonlinear, and anisotropic metamaterials”

Mendelowitz, Zelda Zara – Advisor: Itzhak “Itzik” Mano; Molecular, Cellular and Biomed; “​​Transcriptional Mechanisms of Neuroprotection in Excitotoxicity-Driven Neurodegeneration in C. elegans”

Moussa, Hady – Advisor: Andrea Alù; Electrical Engineering; “Nonlinear and Time-Modulated Metamaterials: Applications at Microwave Frequencies”

Moutushi, Tasnuva – Advisor: Marco Castaldi; Chemical Engineering; “​​Investigation of Reactions Occuring in Municipal Solid Waste Residues”

Nentwich, Maximilian – Advisor: Lucas Parra; Biomedical Engineering; “Neural processing of semantic content in movies”

Nguyen, Duc – Advisor: Jacek Dmochowski; Biomedical Engineering; “Low intensity ultrasonic neuromodulation of the rat hippocampus”

Padgett, James – Advisor: Mitchell Schaffler; Biomedical Engineering; “Mechanically driven In vivo Osteocyte Ca2+ Signaling: Aging and Pharmacologic Effects”

Preston, Jonathan – Advisor: Ronald Koder; Physics; “Dynamics in Designed Elastins and Enzymes”

Qadeer, Arslan – Advisor: Myung Lee; Electrical Engineering; “Machine Learning driven Resource Allocation in Edge Cloud”

Raitses, Rebecca Rose – Advisor: Maxime Blanchard; Classical & Modern Language & Literature; “Heritage Repair: Revisiting Familial and Collective Histories in Filiation Narratives by Dalila Kerchouche, Colombe Schneck and Martine Storti”

Salle, Vincent – Bettina Lerner; Classical & Modern Language & Literature; “Homotextualité réaliste: Cryptosexualité et subculture pédéraste chez Balzac, Stendhal, Flaubert”

Saravanan, Vedika – Advisor: Samah Saeed; Electrical Engineering; “Scalable Quantum Compilation Approaches for Reliable Quantum Computing” 

Schilder, Victoria – Summer 2023; Prof. Sasha Rudenstine; Clinical Psychology; “Object Relational Functioning and the Politics of Patriarchy – A Community Sample Study”

Sharifnezhadaziz, Zahra – Advisor: Reza Khanbilvardi; Civil Engineering; “Data Fusion and Synergy of Active and Passive Remote Sensing: An Application for Freeze Thaw Detections”

Sible, Emily Anne – Advisor: Bao Vuong; Biology; “Function of ATM and MSH2 during DNA repair and recombination”

Stark, Benjamin – Advisor: Lissa Weinstein; Clinical Psychology; “​​Voiding The Unwanted Self: An Examination of Racialized Violence in the United States”

Sthapit, Engela – Advisor: Reza Khanbilvardi; Civil Engineering; “Evaluation of Snow and Streamflow in the National Water Model with analysis using Machine Learning”

Tejada Lopez, Carla – Advisor: Alison Conway; Civil Engineering; “Urban Freight Transportation: The Interactions of Home Deliveries in Cities”

Unal, Gozde – Advisor: Marom Bikson; Biomedical Engineering; “Computational Model of Electro-Convulsive Therapy Considering Electric Field Dependent Skin Conductivity”

Vakulenko, Anton – Advisor: Alexander Khanikaev; Electrical Engineering; “Design and experimental observation of topological states in photonic metasurfaces”

Vicuna, Patricio – Advisor: Camille Kamga; Civil Engineering; “Towards an Artificial Intelligence based Decision Support System to Evaluate Various Transit Projects”

Wang, Angela – Advisor: Luis Cardoso;  Biomedical Engineering; “Exosome- and MicroRNA-Based Therapeutic Approach for Tendinopathy”

Wang, Haiyan – Advisor: ​​Yingli Tian; Electrical Engineering; “Perceiving and Understanding Scenes with Deep Learning”

Wang, Haozhen – Advisor: Xi Chen; Chemical Engineering; “The correlation of bacterial peptidoglycan’s water-responsive behaviors with its mechanical and chemical properties.”

Wei, Wei – Advisor: Barbara Zajc; Chemistry and Biochemistry; “Synthesis Of Fluoro-organics And Applications of Novel Fluorinated Building Blocks”

Westerman, Ariel Rosalind – Advisor: Sasha Rudenstine; Psychology; “Countertransference and the Patient’s Experience: Exploring How Engagement with Affect is Related to Short-Term Psychotherapy Outcomes”

Xia, Yifan – Advisor: Bingmei Fu; Biomedical Engineering; “Modulation of Brain Tissue Transport and Endothelial Glycocalyx and Tight Junctions of the Blood-Brain Barrier by Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation”

Yu, Shuangyue – Advisor: Hao Su; Mechanical Engineering; “Design and Control of Quasi-direct Drive Actuation Wearable Robots”

Zannou, Adantchede – Advisor: Marom Bikson; Biomedical Engineering; “Use of Bioheat Modelling to Characterize and Optimize Implantable Medical Devices and Neuromodulation Technologies”

Zhao, Chunheng – Advisor: Taehun Lee; Mechanical Engineering; “Ternary Flow Simulation based on the Conservative Phase Field Lattice Boltzmann Method”

Zhao, Shihua – Advisor: Pouyan Ghaemi; Physics; “Revealing The Three-Dimensional Magnetic Texture with Machine Learning Models”

Zuelke, Dustin – Advisor: Andreas Kottman; Molecular, Cellular and Biomed; “The behavioral and gene expression effects of loss of sonic hedgehog from dopamine neurons”

The RICC was unable to confirm the graduation status of the following 2022-2023 doctoral candidates:

Corti, Andrea – Advisor: Luis Cardoso; Biomedical Engineering 

Das, Sagnik – Advisor: Prabal De; Economics and Business

Gates Melissaris, Kelsey – Advisor: Rosario Gennaro; Computer Science

Jayanthi, Ramya – Clinical Psychology

Lian, I Wang – Clinical Psychology

Liu, Jingya – Advisor: Yingli Tian; Electrical Engineering

Malinchak, Casina – Chemistry and Biochemistry

Meyer, Henry – Advisor: Jizhong Xiao; Electrical Engineering 

Rappaport, Molly – Clinical Psychology

Talhouk, Leila – Clinical Psychology

Vatandas, Nihal – Advisor: Rosario Gennaro; Computer Science

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